Military Vests


Motorcycles and the United States Military have been longtime companions. That’s why at Medals of America, we offer a selection of soft shell and leather vests perfect for former or active military members or motorcycle fanatics in your family or friend group. Some of our vests can be personalized, for both men and women. Vests are the perfect accessory for light summer night protection and a cool layering option on top of long-sleeved shirts during the winter. In addition to the vest material, we offer various styling options, including different collars, concealed carry pockets, snap closures, lace-up sides and tailored seams to have the perfect vest for every style. These vests sell fast since they make great gifts for both veterans and their spouses. Make sure you take advantage of our selection and get your order placed today. Thanks to our fast shipping, you will receive your new vest just a few short days after your order has been processed.

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