Vietnam Patches


Over nine million Americans served in the Vietnam conflict with over 58,000 giving the ultimate sacrifice in their fight to preserve freedom and protect their fellow soldiers. Display the proud history of your service or honor a friend or family member who went to fight in the jungle slog with one of the Vietnam patches from Medals of America. Veterans' patches are available for those who served in the conflict in general as well as for specific branches of service. Several of the patches mention particular types of service, such as the UH-1 Huey patch for those who delivered the infantry to the fighting zone and braved rockets and gunfire to get them back out again. The Marines who fought on the ground and the River Patrol Force that kept the waterways safe also have their own patches. No matter how you served, there are multiple patches that will match your service record. The Vietnam patches also remember the mistakes that have been made in the pursuit of freedom, such as the multiple Agent Orange patches that honors the men and women who suffered ongoing harm from the dangerous chemical that was meant to clear the dense jungle for troop movements. If you are a Vietnam veteran, then the time you spent serving this country deserves to be honored with one of Medal of America's Vietnam patches, so keep browsing to find the right ones for your jacket.

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