CSIB Army Badges


An Army Combat Service Identification Badge (CSIB) is worn on the right side of your uniform underneath your nameplate to indicate your unit, division or formation. These are symbols of honor and dedication to the armed forces and the country you serve. With over 40 years of experience in the military business, Medals of America is proud to offer Army CSIB badges for a wide range of military roles, units and locations so you can communicate your role in the armed forces with pride. We honor our servicemen and women by creating superior high-quality military apparel accessories, including Army badges and insignia that communicate the integrity and dedication of the people who wear them. Our Army CSIB badges are constructed with a secure pin-clutch backing so you know that your Army combat badge will stay safely in place, whether you are wearing it during ceremonial duties or an inspection. CSIB army badges are made from durable colored enamel that resists scratching and wear and are delivered uniform-ready so you can display your hard-earned position with pride as soon as your order arrives. All Army combat badge designs comply with the strict guidelines set out by the Institute of Heraldry, and all orders are inspected and handled by military veterans to ensure quality craftsmanship and accuracy. Army CSIB badges and Army patches are a great way to identify your role in the Armed Forces, can be pinned to civilian clothes and make a wonderful gift for retired veterans or as a way to honor a fallen friend at a memorial. We also carry a wide range of uniform accessories to complement your Army combat badge and give you the respect you deserve.

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