Military Challenge Coin Display Cases


Display your challenge coins from Medals of America and ones you have collected through your years of service and travels with our hand-crafted challenge coin cases for your wall or desk. We have wall and desk cases that are perfect for at home and at the office that can hold up to 100 coins for the collector and as few as 36 challenge coins. Challenge coins are a beautifully crafted and important part of the military experience and should be displayed in the best cases built for the job. All of our hanging display cases have grooved shelves to keep the challenge coins from sliding and standing upright, a black background, and a hinged door that is easy to open and sturdy enough to stay closed with magnets built into the wood for a secure shut. We know that challenge coins have different silhouettes, thicknesses, and weights so we made sure our products can withstand any coin in your ever-growing collection. Display your service, accomplishments, and cherished memories with pride using our challenge coin cases. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just beginning your journey, our cases provide the perfect showcase for your ever-growing collection. Order yours today and elevate your display to new heights of distinction and honor.

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