Operator Hat Clips


You already have your favorite selection of hats, whether they are broken in just the right way, have a design that you love, or carry a sentimental value that can't be replaced. Unfortunately, they don't always have everything that you want to display on them and there is only so much room to be had. Add an extra touch of flair to even the busiest hat with one of the many operator clips available for sale from Medals of America. These clips attach to the brim of your hat, easily adding an extra design element whenever you wish. For example, you might have a Vietnam war hat that has been in possession for years with a design that commemorates your unit or fits your style, but it lacks details like your time spent on the rivers in a patrol boat as a Boatswain's Mate. With a pair of operator clips, your hat will now convey exactly the message that you want it to deliver. Maybe your favorite hat is one for your local sports team or has a design important to your city like the "NY" New York hat or a 253 Heart for the Puget Sound area. Just slap on an operator clip with your branch of service and the conflicts, and you've got a military cap perfect for a hometown hero. The clips are also a fantastic way to honor your brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces without having a billboard advertising your own service across your forehead if you prefer to keep a low profile.

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