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    Aerial Navigator Wings - Marine Corps

    Aerial Navigator Wings - Marine Corps from Medals of America. With 35 years of veteran experience, you know every badge and cap badge is guaranteed new and official. Perfect for your uniform or display.

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    Aerial Navigator Wings - Marine Corps
    The Marine Aerial Navigator Badge is a military badge of the United States Marine Corps that is issued to Marine Corps enlisted personnel who complete flight training as a navigator on board Marine Corps aircraft. The Marine Aerial Navigator Badge is not issued to U.S. Naval aviation personnel and is the only independent aviation badge issued to the Marine Corps.

    The Marine Aerial Navigator Badge is similar in appearance to the Naval Flight Officer Badge and is considered a 'successor' to the Naval Aviation Observer (Navigation) Badge, issued between March 1945 and March 1947.

    To be awarded the Marine Aerial Navigator Badge, a service member must complete the Marine Aerial Navigator Course. This course was offered at Randolph Air Force Base until the flight-navigation school was decommissioned with the graduation of Class 04-01 on 31 July, 2004. Presently, personnel must obtain an equivalent formal course of another service and volunteer to fly as enlisted aircrew.

    Upon completion of training, and.

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