Blue-White Dress and Evening Dress

Marine Corps Uniforms 101

The United States Marine Corps has one of the most identifiable uniforms out of all the branches of the U.S. military. This is due in part to the fact that the outfit has not changed much over the past 100 years. There are four principal livery ensembles to consider, and as with other military uniforms, […]

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Iconic Morale Patches and Their Meanings

Morale patches have been present in the U.S. military since WWI and WWII with the development of division and insignia patches, spearheaded by the 81st Division, the Wildcats. Besides rank, there was no other way to determine U.S. soldiers apart by division or unit. After the creation of rank, unit, and division patches, came along […]

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When Should I Wear My Army Ribbons?

The pride associated with serving in America’s Armed Forces lasts a lifetime and is one that is most clearly demonstrated in a service member’s medals, badges and ribbons they’ve earned during their time of service. While in the military, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen are required to wear their medals, ribbons and badges. […]

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