Marine Corps Medal

How We Mount Your Marine Corps Medals

For over 40 years, Medals of America has been the top source for military medal mounting, awards, and decorations. Our business was built around serving our nation’s heroes and helping them put together their awards with ease and confidence and we still honor our foundation. As a veteran owned and operated company, Medals of America […]

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purple heart medal history

History and Meaning of the Purple Heart

Like all military medals, the Purple Heart is earned through acts of valor, bravery, courage, and fearlessness. Being awarded the Purple Heart Medal is an unforgettable experience intertwined with history, tradition, and a remembrance of the sacrifices for our country. The Purple Heart is awarded to troops that have been wounded, killed, by enemy fire, […]

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vietnam war medals

Vietnam War Medals and Their Meanings

The quote “Some gave all, some gave all” rings true for veterans of all wars, especially for Vietnam vets because of how divisive and controversial the war was. The quote has become synonymous with the Vietnam War because of the devastation the war caused home and abroad. Medals awarded and earned have always had emotional […]

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Vietnam War medals

Awards and Decorations for the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War, also known as the Second Indochina War, was the conflict between North Vietnam and their allies and the government of South Vietnam and their allies. The United States got involved in 1965 and maintained involvement until the end of the war, which was highly controversial at the time. During and after the […]

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us army insignia explained

The World of U.S. Army Insignia

Ever since the Revolutionary War soldiers have been presented with awards and medals for their heroic actions and bravery. From that point forward the military has put emphasis on awarding its members for their service other than medals, especially after WWI and WWII. Medals of America’s ranks, badges, and army insignia is modeled after the […]

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