History – Pass it around.

On October 27, in Greenville, SC, officials unveiled plans for a redesign of the memorial dedicated to Major Rudolf Anderson, Jr., (1927-1962). He is remembered as an American Patriot but also the sole casualty of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The memorial features a F-86 Sabre like the ones the Major flew in Korea, although he was shot down in a U-2.

Although an otherwise brilliant memorial in sunny Greenville, it pains me to hear local newscasters and younger people say that he was the only one to die in the “Cold War”. As most of you know, the Cold War extends from 1945-1991. Major Anderson died in 1962. I don’t think may people think about the chronological order U.S conflict, often forgotten, and even wars. (If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me when the Korea War was.) And how many people think that the Sabre in the memorial is a U-2? If it was a U-2, the wingspan would certainly clip the passers-by on the nearby walking path and maybe they’d pay a little more attention.

Perhaps it’s up to those who do care and pass on the torch of patriotism to those around us. I try to do my best as well. Coming from a military family it was always a topic up for conversation if I was curious. I just hope that this current 10 year war has not caused the future generation to be so indifferent. I hope that there will still be patriots amongst us to right the wrongs, take the path less taken and tell the hard truths to those around us.

Thanks for Reading. God Bless America.
MoA Creative Director