Father’s Day Gifts for Military Men

Gifts for Military Men To Give On Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the one time of year when all eyes turn to the men who helped raise us or are helping us raise our children.

It’s an opportunity to celebrate these men and show them they’re loved and appreciated. While a unique gift isn’t the only way to do that, it’s undoubtedly one of the best, especially if you can find the perfect present.   

If you’ve got a dad who served in the military, many thoughtful military gifts for him can honor his service while thanking him for his dedication to his family. These military dad gifts cover a wide range of styles and budgets, meaning there’s bound to be a good idea for your loved one.

Inexpensive Gifts for Military Husbands

Whether you’re trying to keep your budget low this year or just looking for something extra to go with another gift, these gifts for military men are what you’re seeking. From military apparel to license plate frames and more, these items are simple and stylish yet affordable.


Hats are among the most practical gifts for military boyfriends and husbands, but they can also carry a deep meaning. They allow your loved one who served to represent their unit or branch of the military with pride, even when they’re in civilian dress.

Some like to wear the logo of their favorite sports team or company, but military hats mean far more. 

We’ve got baseball caps bearing the insignia of the military branches, along with many other options, including veteran hats, purple heart recipient hats, beanies, fleece caps, boonie hats, and even customizable headgear.


Why not get the service member and father in your life a shirt to go with their hat? Military shirts are another great way for them to proudly represent their time in the U.S. Armed Forces everywhere they go. Still, plenty of other options can dive deeper into their military culture.

At Medal of America, we offer tees, long-sleeved shirts, and tank tops in various colors and styles. Some display the logo of a specific military branch, while others are designed specifically for veterans. Our selection includes both humorous designs and more solemn images and slogans.

Whatever shirt you go with, there’s no doubt that one of these Father’s Day gifts for military dads will be well-received.

License Plate Frames

Perhaps the military member in your life prefers to be a little more subtle about their service. However, they’re still happy to represent America’s fighting men and women and let the world know about their commitment to their country. If that’s the case, you might opt for a military license plate frame.

There’s a frame for every active-duty soldier or veteran, whether you’re looking for something that represents their military branch, a tour of duty, or the honors they’ve been bestowed. We’ve even got frames for EMTs and firefighters who have dedicated their lives to helping fellow Americans daily.

Car Emblems

Another excellent way for your loved one to decorate their vehicle is with a military car emblem. These sleek, attractive decals allow the military member in your life to customize their conveyance with simple images and slogans that express their lifestyle, personality, and dedication to their nation.

Emblems include everything from Purple Hearts and bronze stars to branch insignia, veteran emblems, and much more.

Quality Military Dad Gifts for Him to Wear

If you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts for military dads that fall into a slightly higher price range, you’ll find no shortage of high-end options for you to choose from at Medals of America. Not only will the service member in your life feel loved and appreciated while wearing these gifts, but they’ll also get plenty of practical use.


Medals of America proudly offers military jackets to suit all tastes and weather conditions, including genuine mil-spec goods like the classic M-65 field jacket that never go out of style.

If your recipient prefers something lightweight that doesn’t skimp on warmth, you might be interested in our quarter-zip pullovers, which come emblazoned with different military seals. If you’re looking for something slightly heavier, we also carry fleece and hard-wearing, water-resistant nylon jackets, such as our MA-1 flight jackets.

Most outerwear options come in different styles, meaning you can choose from several colors, sizes, materials, and designs. Make sure you closely look at each item that catches your eye to find the perfect gift for your loved one.

Custom Jackets

A custom military jacket is one of the most thoughtful and unique gifts for military boyfriends, husbands, and fathers.

 Identify the jacket style you think your loved one would like the most, then choose a color and get creative with a vast selection of different designs. Those designs include stars, stripes, pilot wings, military seals, ribbons, veteran patches, and other accents that showcase your loved one’s enduring patriotism.

You can add custom text to any jacket to make it more memorable. Choose up to 20 characters on either side of the garment to create a personalized message that speaks to the feelings of the military man in your life.

Wiley X Sunglasses

Everyone needs a trusty pair of sunglasses. These are especially cool since they are the ones the current U.S. military and law enforcement uses. That’s why we carry an extensive selection of Wiley X sunglasses that look great while providing unmatched functionality, durability, and protection for an active lifestyle. Choose between 34 different style options.

Gifts for Military Husbands and Grandfathers That Display His Honor

If you think your recipient would prefer a more personal way to honor their time in the military, consider giving them something they can use to decorate their home or office.

Military Shadow Box

One of the most dignified ways of honoring one’s military service is through a military shadow box. These stunningly crafted wood and glass displays can allow your recipient to keep all the medals, ribbons, badges, insignia, and other honors they acquired during their service in one place — hung proudly on their wall for visitors to see. 

Medals of America supplies military shadow boxes in different sizes and styles, along with everything your recipient needs to create an eye-catching display, including badges, ribbons, medals, and commemorative ornaments.

If you want to touch your recipient’s heart, consider including photographs and other keepsakes from their time in the military.

How to Find the Perfect Military Gifts for Him

Picking out the perfect Father’s Day gift for someone you love is rarely easy, no matter how many times you tell yourself it’s the thought that counts. Using this helpful guide to generate novel ideas, you should be able to come up with a one-of-a-kind gift idea that your loved one will cherish for the rest of their life.

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