Flaunt Your Patriotic T-Shirt this 4th of July

The only thing more American than throwing on your favorite t-shirt and a pair of jeans this 4th is throwing on a t-shirt that shows everyone at the backyard barbecue exactly how American you are.

For current and former military members, celebrating the 4th of July is about celebrating your service to defend and uphold. It’s about celebrating the American identity itself. And what better way to show your pride in your country than by sporting a military t-shirt that honors your branch of the American Armed Forces?

With a Medals of America patriotic t-shirt, you can accomplish exactly that. Our selection of military conflict, religious, and politically incorrect t-shirts ensures that you don’t compromise on quality while you’re breaking the ice or cracking open a beer.

Military T-Shirts

At Medals of America, we are proudly veteran-owned and a veteran-run business. Among other things, this means you can always be sure that every one of our military branch t-shirts is designed to pay tribute to your service.

Choose from our selection of vet-approved Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Army t-shirt designs in our comfortable yet durable base-tee fit. Our military-themed graphics do not shy away from exuding pride and patriotism with classic, vintage images of Rosie the Riveter, the Stars and Stripes, Veteran-themed designs, and many more.

When you choose a Medals of America t-shirt, you are choosing to support a 100 percent American-made brand. Our line of comfortable, cotton tees is designed and printed right here in the state of South Carolina, where we proudly employ U.S. vets to produce high-quality American goods that proudly show your love for your military branch.

Conflict T-Shirts

operation iraqi freedom t-shirt

As a former or current service member, you are a member of an elite group of men and women in American society. A group of individuals who were willing to risk their lives for the ideals that make our country great. With our line of conflict t-shirts, it’s a great conversation starter that will be the talk of the party.

Unlike other brands that offer nothing more than cheap, gimmicky references to your conflict, our tees are designed by veterans who understand the true meaning of service. All designs are developed to help you tell your service story while maintaining the level of respect you deserve.

We have choices that cater to all branches of the military and all conflicts, ranging from the Vietnam War and the Gulf War to the Korean War and every conflict thereafter. For veterans of recent conflicts, we offer a selection of designs that pay tribute to your service in Iraqi and the fight in Afghanistan. 

Politically Incorrect T-Shirts

i would like to apologize t-shirt

Our selection of politically incorrect t-shirts may offend some–and that’s exactly the point. This 4th of July, choose a t-shirt that lets everyone know you aren’t afraid to exercise your First Amendment right to free speech, even if it does raise a few eyebrows and especially if it draws some laughter.

Take on political correctness and tell it like it is with our selection of tees, such as the “I’m offended by political correctness” t-shirt or our “If my flag offends you, I will help you pack” tee.

Or, stand up for your Second Amendment rights with a pro-gun t-shirt, like our “My rights don’t end where your feelings begin” or “I plead the 2nd” tees, both proudly printed with as many automatics as we could fit in the design.

Finally, afford your fellow Americans an education in our country’s constitution with our “Bill of Rights” tee in a flattering black athletic fit. You’ll look good while enforcing a little bit of the common and constitutional sense. For a more humorous approach, check out our “We the people are pissed off” tee.

Unlike with other brands, finding a politically incorrect t-shirt that speaks to you doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or fit. Our athletic fit t-shirts are available in sizes medium through 3XL and constructed of soft, 100 percent ring-spun cotton that will keep you cool while the message on the front is making others hot under the collar.

The Final Word

This 4th of July, ensure that everyone knows exactly where you stand as an American. Put the pride that you take in your branch of the military, conflicts served, political opinions and religion on full display with a Medals of America patriotic t-shirt that starts the conversation for you.