New Military Watch – Casio G-shock Mudman Review

Okay, like me, most of you are going to throw away the warranty card and instructions once you get this watch. Don’t do it. In fact, you will want to find a dark corner of your house and play with this G-shock and set up all of the functions to your specs right away. Once you get it set, you are going to be able to but your trust in this thing more than your dog because this thing is ready to get you out of the woods when your gps fails while your little buddy is chasing squirrels.

The watch is light and comfortable on your wrist although it does look chunky. The main features I used during the week, at quick glance, was the standard window of day, date and time. The seconds tic away with a cool circular graphic in the compass window and there is even a shot of the moon phase.

I did click it over to compass and temperature mode while hunting turkeys here this season. With the temperature changes from dark to midday, it helped me decide to shed some gear on my way out after being shaded in the blind all morning without digging for my iphone which rarely gets a bar out there.

For me, the light feature could stand to stay on for a second longer at least or to be able to hold the light on would be nice, but with all the other features built in anyway, it is a little complaint to say the least.

You should know, I am a horrible abuser of watches; mine all have nicks and scratches on them. I am looking forward to see how much damage this one will take with daily abuse. They promise good things so I guess I will keep you posted.

As for the other features of the Casio G-shock, I haven’t used them, although I can see myself using the timer and the other time zone features when I go on vacation and start running again.  And don’t ask me about the solar power feature, I have know idea how it is built in – like days of my youth, it would have a solar panel on it or something, but nothing jumps out at me. Should save us from replacing the battery too soon though.

Check out more features on this Casio G-Shock and get one to put it through your tests here at Medals of America.