New Tritium Watches by Armourlite – Isobrite


The folks at Armourlite preach that this watch will shine 4 times brighter than your standard t25 Tritium watch, whatever that means, guessing Luminox. I think the fact is, is that their construction of the watch accommodates larger tritium capsules which in turn create an explosion of light coming off this face. It is crazy bright. The watch itself is comfortable, tough and if you get tired of the silicone band, you can swap it out for the nylon one. It’s an all weather friend on guard duty.

Here’s the brass tax: What are you paying for, for the big price tag? – It’s all about longevity and accuracy. The same way I wouldn’t bring a Tag Heuer to battle, I surely wouldn’t bring a cheap one either, people are relying on you as you rely on your watch. It pays to be on time and on target. Go and get el cheapo, 5 times, or get this one that with last 10 years before your need it serviced for $50. This should be the best and last tactical watch you ever own.