United States Marine Corps

Best Gifts for Your Marine Corps Boot Camp Graduate

Graduating from basic training is no small feat, especially for a Mairne. Your new Marine has endured weeks of brutal physical and mental exercise, and they have survived! As they enter their new careers in the Marines, you may be looking for something sentimental to commemorate the occasion or something they will be able to use in the next steps of their training. From a KA-BAR knife to a Marine insignia ring to a ribbon rack to showcase their ribbons, there are plenty of gifts to match your Marine’s tastes and needs.

1.) Multitool

A multitool is a tool carried in the pocket, much like a pocket knife that has multiple functions. Most come with a knife, a bottle opener, screwdriver, wire cutters, scissors, pliers, a small saw and other items that can perform tasks your Marine may need in the field. It’s an all-in-one multitool that will assist them in most jobs, and they won’t need to tote a toolbox around. 

Leatherman multitools are the most popular choice for service members, and they come with between four and 21 tools. Many can be customized with colors, too, according to your Marine’s personality. This is an item your boot camp graduate will utilize over and over throughout their career, so it’s an excellent investment as they enter their service.

2.) Watch

A good watch that can stand up to most conditions is an ideal gift for any boot camp graduate. If you can find a watch that also has military time and a multi-time zone window, your Marine will be on time for duty anywhere in the world. They can also keep track of the time at home for Skype sessions and phone calls. Watches with traditional faces and timekeeping are best, as digital watches (especially those with GPS) are not permitted in certain classified areas or even some overseas deployments. 

3.) Military Exchange gift cards

Your Marine is going to need to purchase items often at the Military Exchanges on base. The MCX card will function much like a Walmart or Target card out in the civilian world, except your Marine can use it to purchase personal items, electronics, and clothes on base. Having these gift cards can help your Marine buy the essentials while saving their hard-earned money for special items.

American Military ribbons and badges on United States Marine Dress Blue Uniform

4.) Insignia and medals box

Your Marine will earn a lot of honors while they are active duty, like marksmanship badges and qualification bars, and it will be nice for them to have a special, safe place to store the mementoes of their achievements. Their Marine badges and insignia will need a dust-free environment that will protect the integrity of the badge. Any ribbons and medals they earn will also need to be protected, especially when they will only be worn on their uniforms for special occasions. When the graduate starts earning more awards, they can build or update their medals and ribbons any time they want  to keep their sets up to date.

An insignia and medals box is not only a sentimental gift but also a useful one. You can have the box personalized to make it extra special and unique.

military combat knife

5.) KA-BAR knife

The KA-BAR Marine combat knife, made popular in World War II, is a great commemorative gift for your boot camp graduate. The KA-BAR fighting knife comes with a beautifully engraved leather sheath with the USMC insignia. You can have the knife further personalized by engraving the blade. Your Marine can either choose to display it or use it regularly as their go-to fixed-blade knife.

6.) Marine Corps insignia signet ring

The Marine Corps insignia signet ring is a lot like a class graduation ring. It features the Marine Corps insignia stamp and can be customized with stones, engravings and other personalized features. Some companies add in features to the sides, including graduation year, Semper Fi and other meaningful items. You can make this ring as sentimental as you want to honor the accomplishments of your Marine graduate.

7.) Field books

Your Marine will likely go through dozens of field books in their military career, and they can never have too many. Rite in the Rain tactical field books are the most popular field books used by the military–and they are not cheap. Having a few of these to start with will be a huge help to your Marine, especially as they take notes in the next steps of their training. 

Final thoughts

Graduating from boot camp is only the first step in the Marine Corps, but it is a giant leap for anyone who succeeds. As your Marine heads into the next phase of their military career, a personalized gift that reminds them of you will be sure to make them smile no matter where they are in the world.