USMC Uniform Service Stripes

Medals of America is now carrying Marine Corps Service Stripes. From 4 to 32 year stripes, they are perfect for your official uniform or shadow box in your war room. The width of these green on red or gold on red cloth patches are 4 1/2 inches. The 32 year stripe measures just over 5 inches. For regs on the use of these stripes, check out the official notation below and next Marine Corps Ball season, make sure yours are looking good when you visit us to update your medal set.

Regulations for Wear according to

Service stripes will be worn on the outer half of each sleeve of dress/service coats; gold on scarlet on the blue dress coat and green on scarlet on the green coat. Service stripes finished with either a merrowed (whip-stitched) edge or a cut edge may be worn.

b. Service stripes will be placed at a 30 degree angle to the bottom of the sleeve. The first stripe will be placed as follows:

(1) Blue dress coat; lower scarlet point of the stripe will meet the point of the piping of the cuff.

(2) Green service coat; lower scarlet edge of the stripe centered 1/2 inch above the point of the cuff.

(3) Succeeding stripes will be 1/8 inch above and parallel to the next lower stripe.

c. Service stripes will be sewn on with thread that matches the background material of the stripe using a straight machine stitch. Cross-stitches, whip-stitches or other non-standard stitching will not be used.

How-to-wear Diagram:

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