Military Clothing – Ideal For Hiking In the Colder Months

As we roll into the month of December, the chill has started to set in for most of the country. However, the cold weather never stops outdoor enthusiasts who find a common pleasure in being outside. Whether you are hiking for the afternoon on a day hike or spending a week in the woods, trailblazing in the mountains or taking a weekend fishing trip, you should have durable, comfortable clothes to keep you warm.

Medals of America’s military clothing is the perfect fit for men who enjoy the outdoors. Our collection offers vests, sweaters and jackets with both the traditional military look and a more modern approach to military fashion.

If you’re looking to zip up sleeveless, we suggest a soft-shell vest or a Fox Ranger Vest. The Icon Soft-Shell Vest is made with a rain and water resist fabric that warms your core. Perfect for a day hike or walk around the lake, this vest features two large front hand pockets and a chest pocket, all with a full zip. For a little fuller, heavier look, we recommend our Fox Ranger Vest. This vest, ideal for a camping or hunting trip has multiple zip up and Velcro pockets, including a large, square pocket on the back for trail guides, small books or first aid supplies. Inside the padded, standup collar is a hidden drawstring hood, readily accessible for extra heat and protection from the wind and rain. The American Made Fleece Vest is a one-of-a-kind vest, custom-designed by real military veterans from Medals of America, and fashioned for reliable comfort. All three of our vests have the ability to be customized with military patches.

Also in our military clothes selection are a number of different jackets to choose from for your camping and hiking needs. For snow or skiing, you may be interested in a Nylon Military Style Flight Jacket or M-65 Field Jacket. These heavy jackets keep you shielded from the wind and elements, and are perfect for a sturdy top layer. Our ensemble of winter wear also includes fleece zip up and pullover jackets. With a nod to iconic military style and colors, these jackets and pullovers offer a more modern look for the avid outdoorsman. The BA Soft-Shell and Fleece Jackets have a semi-turtleneck design, while the Condor Alpha Fleece has the most storage options for any fleece in the Medals of America collection.

Medals of America wants to offer our customers a practical military style, while still keeping you looking sharp. Two of our finest examples of this, are our Quarter Zip Commando Sweater and 5 Button Fatigue Sweater. With padded elbows and a heavy-duty brass zipper, the Commando Sweater is both tough and stylish. The 5 Button Sweater is made on a one-by-one basis in North Carolina, to ensure quality. Ribbed cuffs and waist, along with an open, wide collar create for a classic, stylish look.

Feel free to browse Medals of America for all your camping and backpacking needs, no matter what season, we have all the Military Clothing including outerwear, footwear and gear you need for your next hike or camping trip.