Army Personnel Exhibit Professionalism through Dress and Grooming

From WWII to Operation Enduring Freedom, the US Army has been the epitome of perfection and professionalism. It is their responsibility to represent our country with constant professional dress and appearance. This professionalism can be shown in many different ways, including mannerisms, speech, action, and appearance. Whether they are marching to serve our country or marching in a parade, their uniforms are an iconic symbol of the United States. They are symbols of selfless sacrifice, service, and hope for the country; therefore, it is important that army officials look the part at all times. The dress and grooming standards they adhere to allow American citizens to recognize their honorable actions.

Army Grooming Regulations

 The men and women of the army must have a clean cut physical appearance at all times. Here are a few of the grooming guidelines they must follow.

 Both males and females must have clean-cut hair styles.  The men must have neatly-cropped hair that cannot fall over their ears and eyes or touch the backs of their collars. The women must maintain a conservative, neat hairstyle. It must be clean, combed, and presentable at all times, never unkempt, twisted, matted, or unruly in any way. They may do their hair in braids, corn rows, etc., as long as it is conservative and does not interfere with head gear. Hair cannot fall past the eyebrows or the collar unless it is neatly pinned back with no free-hanging hair visible.

 Fingernails on all officers must be clean and neatly trimmed. There are also very strict rules about tattoo subject and placement on the body. All of these strict regulations are enforced in order to increase the professional appearance and honorable symbol of the U.S. Army.


 The uniform is perhaps the biggest symbol of professionalism. When men and women wear their clean-cut, tailor-made uniforms for public presentation, it is a source of pride as well as a symbol for the nation. Military personnel will often wear army ribbon racks to augment their professionalism and dedication to their country. An army ribbon rack, also known as an army medal rack, is a collection of ribbons or medals that army personnel have been awarded for their service in the army. It is placed on the left side of the uniform. It looks neat and professional and allows the opportunity for citizens to thank army officials for their service.

 An army medal rack only adds to the dress and appearance of army personnel. This, along with the other dress and grooming standards, allows our army personnel to represent our country in a professional way.