Vietnam Veteran Mug

In stock

Features a fully detailed Vietnam Veteran design

Holds 15 fluid oz.

Premium ceramic

Microwave and dishwasher safe

Bold design on both sides

The Vietnam Veteran Mug is a great mug to start your day off with a cup of joe and display your service at the same time. This Vietnam mug holds up to 15 fluid ounces and displays on the front and back. The design of this mug displays three medals given from service in Vietnam and reads “Vietnam Veteran Time Served” in red and white lettering. Between the design on the front and back this mug displays the National Defense Service, Vietnam Service, and RVN Campaign ribbons. If you need to warm up your drink this mug is microwave safe and can also be cleaned without damage in your dishwasher. Would make for a great gift to a Vietnam Veteran to proudly serve in the Vietnam War and display their service while drinking a beverage of their choice. The Vietnam Veteran Mug is a great way to display your service and enjoy a nice cup of joe.
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