Vietnam Plaques

The life for our servicemen and women fighting in the Vietnam War was unglamorous and most of the time, unpleasant. And while their mission, protecting freedom at all costs, had not changed, the support received from back home most assuredly had. Still, these men and women held fast to duty and honor and each other. They say history can never be changed. But here at Medals of America, we believe it can be corrected. That’s why Medals of America proudly presents our Vietnam Plaques collection. Our high-quality Vietnam plaque pieces are the perfect way to commemorate service members who gave everything during this trying conflict. We have taken great care in crafting designs of distinction and respect. Designs that tell a story of honorable service, dedication, and fortitude. To tell these tales the way they deserve is our mission. Because we are you. We know the life. We get it. So, to those brave few, battle-tested and forged in the fires of the Vietnam War, we salute you. What you’ve done matters. Let our Vietnam Plaques speak to your sacrifice. Let them tell your story. From your brothers and sisters-in-arms, here at Medals of America, you are warriors true. Browse the Vietnam Plaques collection today.

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