Vietnam License Plates

Over 350,000 American soldiers were killed or wounded fighting in the Vietnam War, which is why Medals of America is proud to help preserve the memory of those who gave their lives and their time to the fight thousands of miles away from home with a selection of Vietnam license plates. The conflict had its 50th anniversary a couple of years ago at the start of 1965, inspiring the creation of the 50th anniversary medallion that is featured on one of the plates. Several of the Vietnam license plates use the yellow, red, and green ribbon colors used in the conflict medal to great effect alongside design elements like the M16 service rifle that was in nearly every infantryman's hands, or the outline of a Huey helicopter that was vital for getting to and from the battle in a timely fashion. There is a pair of plates for members of the Vietnam Veterans Association, both bearing the seal of the organization that dedicates itself to improving the lives of veterans from Vietnam and other conflicts however it can. Various units are remembered for their service in the war, like the ready warriors of Big Red One, or the sailors who patrolled the rivers and waterways to cut off the Viet Cong supply routes in Task Force 116. Each of the Vietnam license plates is a respectful way for Vietnam veterans or those they love to remember the sacrifice of those who put their good health in jeopardy for the sake of freedom and justice.

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