Vietnam Door Gunner T-Shirt

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  • Vietnam inspired t-shirt
  • MOA Exclusive Design
  • 100 percent cotton material
  • Roomy, comfortable fit
  • Size range M-3XL
The Vietnam Door Gunner T-Shirt is a great way to display service done in Vietnam. Door Gunners that served in Vietnam were some of the bravest to face combat. With their M60s and M1 carbines, Door Gunners provided necessary and swift aerial protection and often played dual roles as Door Gunners and Crew Chief. Comes in the color black and in ranges of size from medium to three extra to make sure you find the perfect fit. The front of the shirt displays an image of a rifle and the words “Vietnam Veteran” in white letter with the back displaying a bold design of a door gunner and reads in the image “Proudly Served” with a service ribbon with the words “Vietnam Door Gunner” around the logo. Would be a great gift for a Vietnam Veteran to add to their wardrobe to honor the service done by them and members who didn’t make it home. Take pride in your service Vietnam Vets with the Vietnam Door Gunner T-Shirt
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