UT Recruiting Ribbon

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Officially Hallmarked and approved by the U.S. Institute of Heraldry

Official military grade, premium quality regulation size ribbon

Ribbon made to the highest official government standards and uniform approved

Made, inspected, and shipped by Veterans in the USA

Ribbon holding bars are sold separately

The Utah Recruiting Ribbon is officially hallmarked by the U.S. Institute of Heraldry state ribbon. This award can be presented to any member of the Utah National Guard who, after August 1st, 1984, personally enlists enough individuals in the Utah National Guard to earn 10 (originally 40) points. Each non-prior service enlistment is worth 4 points, and each prior service enlistment is worth 2 points. This ribbon can also be awarded by the AG for special recruiting accomplishments as deemed appropriate. Comes in a red and white pattern that measures white (3/32), red (1/16), white (1/16), red (1/16), white (1/16), red (1/16), and white middle of (9/16) with four blue stars. Utah Recruiting Ribbons are made with the highest government standards and are US Military approved. All ribbons of the US Military are made in the USA. Ribbons are unmounted and do not come with a holding bar. To purchase this ribbon for yourself or a family member's shadow box, or display case, we require a DD-214 or other valid proof that this medal was honorably awarded.
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