Army Aviation Branch Officer Insignia Badge Pair


The Army Aviation insignia is a pair of horizontal wings with a vertical propeller blade in the center.

The insignia is worn by officers on their collars. Sold as a pair.

Army Aviation Officer Branch Insignia: A silver propeller in a vertical position between two gold wings in a horizontal position, 1 1/8 inches in width.

The Army Aviation branch was established as a basic branch of t

he Army effective 12 April 1983. The wings are modified and differ from the designs used for Army Air Force insignia of WWII. The insignia draws upon the original insignia for historical and symbolic purposes, but was deliberately modified to signify a new chapter in Army aviation history.

(Army Air Force became USAF in 1947).

Birthday: 12 April 1983. The Army first used light aircraft for artillery forward observation and reconnaissance in June 1942.
Following the establishment of the US Air Force as a separate service in 1947, the Army began to further develop its own aviation assets (light planes and rotary wing aircraft) in support of ground operations. The Korean War gave this drive impetus, and the war in Vietnam saw its fruition, as Army aviation units performed a variety of missions, including reconnaissance, transport, and fire support. After the war in Vietnam, the role of armed helicopters as tank destroyers received new emphasis. In recognition of the grown importance of aviation in Army doctrine and operations, Aviation became a separate branch on 12 April 1983.

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