U.S. Navy E-3 Seaman SN White Challenge Coin

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  • Handsomely Minted Military Challenge Coin
  • Detailed 3D Finish
  • Officially Licensed Product
  • Premium Enamel and brass finishes
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The U.S. Navy’s recruits are an integral part of the U.S. Navy. There are some recruits who are unsure what type of career path they wish to pursue or what job best suits their talents and skills. In either case, all Navy enlistees begin their careers serving in an apprenticeship—also called a general rate—followed by the opportunity to pursue a job in a specific specialty, or rating. As Seaman apprentices, new Sailors perform a wide variety of general tasks, usually involving hands-on labor that acquaints them with ship equipment or assignments that familiarize them with ship protocols and operation. For example, Seamen are responsible for the maintenance of decks and deck machinery, lines, riggings, and other external structures. They stand a number of deck watches, serving as helmsmen, lookouts, and messengers. Seamen will do a stint of duty, typically between three to four months, working as in food services or compartment cleaning. They learn to operate cranes, booms, winches, and small boats, with the latter sometimes being involved in Naval ceremonies. Upon reaching the E3 paygrade, an additional white stripe is added to the sleeve insignia and they earn the title of Seaman. This coin pays tribute to the skill and dedication of whose service sustains the worldwide mission of America’s Armed Forces. The obverse contains the specialty insignia of the Navy’s  E3 stripes, enameled in traditional white color. Crested by an eagle with wings outstretched depicted beneath the letters “USN,” the reverse contains a space for engraving. (Engraving not available at MOA) Minted in a nickel alloy and coated with an antique finish, this coin’s obverse is hand enameled. Each coin measures 1.75 inches (44mm) in diameter.

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