U.S. Air Force Secret Squirrel Challenge Coin

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  • U.S. Air Force Secret Squirrel Challenge Coin has a black chrome finish that makes it appear clandestinely dark in normal and low light conditions, and only upon a closer well-lit look are the details more visible
  • Stone-polished coin has a cloisonné enamel and covert-black nickel finish
  • Above the moon is the phrase “Don’t Ask,” the unofficial motto of all covert operatives, and below are the letters “NOYFB,” which stand for… you can probably figure that one out for yourself
  • The reverse features a squirrel with the word “SECRET” bordering the top and bottom
  • Measures: 1 3/4" x 1 3/4"

Secret and clandestine operatives work in the background, unseen by society, protecting our way of life by any means necessary. The black background and the crescent moon on the obverse symbolize where all manner of secret operations “take place,” at night, in the dark, out of sight. If you can prove it of course.

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