Tunnel Rat Challenge Coin

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  • Enamel Finish
  • Minted on bronze
  • Measures: 1 ¾ inches and is a circular shape
  • Premium 2 sided printing
  • Handsome Military Challenge Coin Designed for US VETERANS

The Tunnel Rat Challenge Coin is a Vietnam coin that makes for a great addition to your military coin display. This Vietnam challenge coin has enamel finish on the ribbon displayed and is minted in bronze. The coin diameter is 1 ¾ inches and is a circular shape. This is a two sided coin with a side displaying the Vietnam veteran ribbon with a background displaying the battlefield. The other side displays a soldier in a tunnel with an image of a rat below him. Challenge Coins have a way of telling stories and this coin does this in perfection of displaying the men who served in Vietnam to create freedom fighting to prevent communist aggression and liberate the people of South Vietnam. 

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