Korea T-Shirts


The United States of America was officially involved in the Korean War for almost precisely three years from 1950 to 1953. Tens of thousands of Americans lost their lives coming to the aid of South Korea against North Korea. Also, known as the Forgotten War, this conflict was swallowed in the history books by the World Wars, Vietnam and the Cold War. However, it continues in part today with a standoff at the DMZ, but both Koreas have promised to end the conflict by the closing of 2018. Korea T-shirts for veterans and remembrance of this difficult conflict are one way to show your support for America's troops. Medals of America stocks a number of Korea T-shirts, each with a design involving the initial conflict or the continuing standoff in the demilitarized zone. You'll love our selection of Korea T-shirts for yourself or as a gift. Vets will appreciate our "Never Underestimate an Old Man Who Served in Korea" T-shirt, while anyone can appreciate and wear our "Forgotten War" designs. We even have Marine-specific designs for those who want to honor the contribution of the USMC to the protection of South Korea. Veterans of the United States Armed Forces own and staff Medals of America. They take care in handling your clothing orders, so we can be sure you get high-quality products. As our way of giving back, part of the proceeds of your purchase will be donated to Army Life and Marine Corps Life for Morale Welfare Recreation activities.

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