Gulf T-Shirts


The heat of desert suns fueled the fires of your war. Out of the millions of American citizens, few may claim such an honor. Forged by your service during the Gulf War Conflict, you carry a strength that none would dare to question. As a member of this exclusive group of desert warriors, united by dedication, excellence and mission, you put it all on the line for freedom. Your passion has been immortalized in history. It’s time to put this passion on display. With Medal of America’s Gulf T-Shirts, we help you do exactly that. Made from premium ring-spun cotton, our shirts are lightweight, supremely comfortable, and versatile enough to serve any occasion, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for within our collection. What you won’t find are generic or knock-off designs. Our custom prints tell your service story with respect. From setting boots on the ground in the gritty sands of Kuwait to the unique details of day-to-day life, we use great care in accurately capturing and displaying the essence of your tour and experience. Purchase your shirt today and let your fellow warriors know you’ve still got their six. That’s why Medals of America exists. We get you because we are you. And what you’ve experienced…what molded you? It matters. And so, it is our privilege to honor you with our Gulf T-shirt collection. From the funny to the bad ass and everything in-between, our works are vet tested, approved, and infused with the understanding and respect you deserve. Browse the collection. Discover your perfect fit today.

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