RVN Defense Commemorative Ribbon

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  • Instituted: 1995 - Qualifying Dates: 1961 - 1975
  • Perfect for Shadow Box 
  • Minted to commemorate your service
  • All of our ribbons come unmounted and with no holding bar.
  • Unofficial not for wear on active duty uniforms
The United States Government, State Governments, Veterans Organizations, private mints and individuals have a long tradition of striking commemorative ribbons to recognize and honor specific military victories, historical events and military service to our great Republic. Until the 20th Century the United States did not issue military service ribbons recognizing service by veterans in the different wars, battles, campaigns or other significant military events. Commemorative ribbons reflect typical American ingenuity and spirit, where local government, veterans associations and private leadership step forward to facilitate honoring service and deeds the federal government fails to recognize. Although unofficial in nature and usually struck by private mints or associations, commemorative ribbons provide a very tangible memento to honor all veterans and families for their service and sacrifice. Honors U.S. Armed Forces who served in RVN or in direct support from Thailand, Guam, Okinawa or Philippines from 1962 to 1975.

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