Religious Coins

Faith plays a big role among the reasons many men and women serve in the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard. Defending the ideals and the people of their country is, they believe, a sacred duty. No matter what faith tradition you belong to you might gain strength from carrying or displaying religious coins from Medals of America. Of course, you can express your beliefs without being sectarian. For example, you might opt for the One Nation Under God coin that displays those words from the Pledge of Allegiance on one side and an image of the American flag on the other. Or you might choose the Fallen Heroes coin that honors the sacrifice of service members who gave all for the beliefs they share with you. You’ll also find Star of David religious coins that show a devotion to the Jewish tradition. If you’re a Christian, you might find the Lord’s Prayer coin helps you in good times and bad. Do you ask for saints’ intervention in your life? You’ll appreciate a St. Christopher, St. Barbara, St. George or St. Michael coin. Each coin has an image of the saint on the front and a brief prayer inscribed on the back. An Armor of God or Christian Soldier coin also serves to give you strength when challenges arise. No matter which religious coins you choose, you can be sure they’re of the highest quality. So select the one that’s right for you or collect them all. Order today.

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