Plastic Models

At some point in your youth, you might have discovered the fun of putting together plastic models of ships, planes and other vehicles used in peacetime or war. Watching the machine take shape was magical, and the final product was something to treasure. Plastic military models from Medals of America are part of this long-standing tradition—a tradition still practiced by kids and adults all over America and the world. For example, consider the M113A1 APC from the Vietnam War. The M113A1 APC model is 1/35th scale, so it’s size alone is impressive. It includes more than 325 parts, including flexible PVC tracks. When you put it together, it gives you the option of choosing turrets for U.S., Korean and Australian armies. Even the interior is authentic with engine and drivetrain, bench seats, storage locker, radio and driver’s controls. These details are an indication of how much value Medals of America places on authenticity when it comes to military memorabilia. Like the plastic diecast models and products available, the plastic military models are backed by Medal of America’s owners, who are themselves veterans. They will not let any product leave their warehouse unless it meets their high standards. Building plastic military models is a particularly rewarding pastime. It’s also the perfect way to share time with children in an activity that’s both fun and a source of learning about important events in American history. Plastic models are your opportunity to learn and to help others learn. Find one that fascinates you and order now.

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