Opticalman Rating Petty Officer 1st Class

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  • Officially Hallmarked and approved by the U.S. Institute of Heraldry
  • Official Issue, Navy Regulation Chapter 5, Section 2, Article 5201.3, Approved for Wear
  • Red on blue finish
  • Regulation Size
  • Made in USA
Opticalman Rating Petty Officer 1st Class is an official issue of the United States Navy. The Opticialman rank was retired with Instrumentman in 1999, but they perform tasks associated with telescopes, microscopes, and periscopes. The Navy Rate you receive will be Petty Officer 1st Class and you will need to cut the rank to make 2nd or 3rd class. This rating was established in 1948, but disestablished in 1999 and converted to the Interior Communications Electrician and Electricians Mate. This rank displays a double concave lenses between two double convex lenses, also two lines that are passed horizontally through lenses symbolizing passing of light. Has a red on blue finish which indicates less than 12 years of service being regulation size and is uniform ready. Can be easily sewed onto any official United States Navy uniform like the ceremonial dress blue uniform. Opticalman Rating Petty Officer 1st Class is 100 percent made and handled in the USA.
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