Navy Cap Device Regulation Size E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer

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  • Approved By The U.S. Institute Of Heraldry, USA Made, M-37 Hallmark
  • Official Issue, Navy Regulation Chapter 5, Section 2, Article 5201.3, Approved For Wear, USA Made
  • Official Gold Finish
  • Worn On Official United States Navy Dress And Formal Uniforms
  • 2 Pins On the Back For Securing It To The Uniform
  • Measures: 1.75"
An E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer is a non-commissioned officer within the United States Navy and has a pay grade of E-8. For the Combination Cap, the large (1.75”) device is worn in the front, attached to the black mounting band that is secured by the gold Navy eagle buttons that also hold the chin strap in place. (Navy regulations helpfully add that the insignia is to be mounted so “the stock's unfouled arm [is] to the wearer's right,” but this is thankfully the only way it can be mounted and still have the front of the insignia facing outward.). This Navy insignia has an official gold finish and is 100 percent made in the USA.
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