Navy / Marine Corps Commendation Medal Anodized

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Service: Navy, Marine Corps

Instituted: 1944/1950

Criteria: Meritorious service or achievement in a combat or noncombat situation based on sustained performance of a superlative nature

Devices: Bronze Letter “V” (for valor), Gold, Silver Star

Notes: Originally a ribbon only award: “Secretary of the Navy Commendation for Achievement Award with Ribbon”. Changed to present name in 1994

For heroic and meritorious achievement or service. The Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal is worn after the Joint Service Commendation Medal and before the Joint Service Achievement Medal.

The medal is a bronze hexagon with the eagle from the Seal of the Department of Defense in the center. The reverse of the medal has a plaque for inscribing the recipient’s name and the raised words, “FOR MILITARY” (above the plaque) and “MERIT” (below the plaque). The ribbon is dark green with a narrow stripe of white near each edge. Additional awards of the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal are denoted by five-sixteenth inch gold stars.

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