Navy Integrated Undersea Surveillance System Enlisted Badge

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  • Approved By The U.S. Institute Of Heraldry, USA Made, M-37 Hallmark
  • Official Issue, Navy Regulation Chapter 5, Section 2, Article 5201.3, Approved For Wear, USA Made
  • Regulation size
  • Silver Oxide Finish
  • Two pin clutch backings

The Navy Integrated Undersea Surveillance System Enlisted badge is an official issue of the United States Navy. This badge is awarded to those who are qualified and have been trained in naval sonar and undersea surveillance technology. This silver oxide undersea surveillance systems badge is worn by enlisted members of the Navy where the gold is worn by officers. This badge displays seahorse and a trident twined on a globe with a breaking wave crash on them. This Navy insignia is ready to be worn on all official US Navy uniforms and has two pins on the top of the badge to securely place it on the front of enlisted members uniforms. As well as being ready to be placed on Navy uniforms this badge is also ready to be placed in your shadow box collection. This Navy insignia is handled and made 100 percent in the USA.

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