MOA Adjustable 11 5/8" x 1" Classic Military Shirt Stays - 4 Pack

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  • 4 Pack Of Polyester/Cotton Shirt Stays
  • Metal Clips Allow For All Day Wear Without Slipping
  • These Classic Military Shirt Stays Attach To The Socks And The End Of The Shirt Tail
  • Adjustable For A Custom Fit For Any Size
  • Uses Elastic Tension To Keep Your Uniform Shirt Tucked In Tight
  • Ideal For Military, Public Safety, And Police Looking For A Clean Well Tailored Uniform

MOA Exclusive! Are you looking for an innovative way to keep your shirts neatly tucked in and looking sharp all day? Look no further than Medals of America’s Adjustable Shirt Stay Pack, perfect for military uniforms and law enforcement. Whether you are a soldier or police officer, Medals of America’s adjustable shirt stays will ensure your uniform remains neat and professional throughout the entire day. The unique design of our shirt stays allows them secure fit almost any body type and pant size for maximum convenience and tight tuck. Plus, they are easy to apply! Our Adjustable Shirt Stays are very versatile; not only do they keep military uniforms in place, but any traditional dress shirts you may wear as well! Constantly getting unsightly wrinkling at the end of routines shift? Not anymore! Our blousing straps and shirt keepers will ensure no more wrinkles in your favorite shirts. These essential items guard against any distractions or embarrassments that can be caused by irregularities in uniform appearance. Every part of this set is made with superior craftsmanship that guarantees maximum durability throughout all the long shifts. Do yourself a favor and pick up medals of America’s adjustable shirt stay pack today! Our essential set that includes everything you need to keep your shorts placed all day long is sure to make it easier to look good through anything thrown at you. Search no further: With its top quality construction, our durable product is designed exactly with the needs of police officers or soldiers–such as mens shirt stays, blousing straps and shirt keepers–keep your military uniforms crisp at all times with Medals of America Adjustable Shirt Stays Pack! These shirt stays come in a 4 pack and are made from polyester elastic webbing with a cotton cloth for comfortable wear. Measures: 11 5/8" x 1".

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