Miniature Medals

Miniature U.S. military medals, when they are made following the guidelines of the Institute of Heraldry, carry the same power as a full-sized version. Miniature United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard medals are authentic representations of these awards. As someone serving in the military now or as a veteran of any branch of service, you can wear or display these miniature medals proudly. When you examine these medals, you’ll be impressed by the attention to detail. The designs are indistinguishable from their larger versions and the craftsmanship is truly extraordinary. This faithful adherence to traditional design and to the beauty of military medals is what makes miniature medals worthy of display. You can wear them, of course, but you can also show them permanently using a Medals of America Shadow Box. These glass-fronted frames are ideal for home or office. If you’re still concerned about the integrity of these miniature medals, consider this, Medals of America is owned and operated by military veterans. They are committed to bringing only the highest-quality products to those who have served in any branch of military service. Miniature medals are also available in anodized versions. Anodizing gives them a permanent, protective surface that picks up the light and gives them an eye-catching shimmer. In addition to enhancing the medals’ beauty, the process also makes them corrosion-resistant, stronger and longer lasting. Full-size or miniature, your medals represent well-earned recognition. Medals of America offers medals worthy of honoring your contributions. Order yours today.

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