Military Insignia

Military insignia is an important part of any uniform and it is important to us. It displays the wearer's job or specialty within their branch and we understand the importance of every piece of insignia and badge earned through hard work. Medals of America is veteran owned and has been in the military insignia game for 42 years and we only offer the highest quality military insignia so you will never be disappointed. You will never receive something that would fall of your uniform during inspection, fade over time, or get you in trouble with your commanding officer for being wrong. We understand the importance of precision and craftsmanship it takes to properly decorate a uniform. We pride ourselves in our collection of military insignia and what it means to you and how hard you've worked for your insignia. Our military insignia is held with clutch pin backing and we guarantee it is the perfect for your uniform. We have officer and enlisted insignias as well as hat and cap badges for branches that require it. Don't settle for something tarnished, nicked, or banged up from a surplus store, get it straight out of the package from Medals of America.

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