If you like your beverage cold, even on the hottest day, then you know the value of a koozie. The keep your drink chilly and your hands dry so you can get the full benefit of an icy-cold refreshment. With military koozies from Medals of America, you can do more. You can show pride in your service to the country Medals of America offers koozies for branches of the United States military, including a six-pack of Air Force can koozies, a Marine corps can koozie and bottle koozie and an Army can koozie six-pack. You can also purchase a Tactical Mini Vest Bottle koozie. The next time you’re at a game or enjoying time with friends and family at a backyard cookout, these handy insulators are sure to be a welcome addition. Everyone appreciates a drink that doesn’t get too warm to drink before getting a chance to drink it. Why waste a good drink when it’s so easy to save it? And why not save that drink while paying your respects to the branch of service you’ve been a part of? These military koozies make a statement. They let it be known that you’ve served. They also tell other members of your branch and every branch of the military that you’re a brother or sister in arms. Military koozies are a great opportunity to share your commitment to service with others who might be inspired by your dedication. So choose the koozie that suits you and order it today.

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