Wall Flags


Ya’ know what? Sometimes you just need to shout ‘Merica!’ to the heavens. You’ve got to let people know you bleed red, white, and bald eagle feathers. That way they know exactly where you stand. With our Wall Flag collection, you have the chance to do exactly that. What better way to express your patriotism than with one of our large, 100% wooden flags on display. Constructed from durable, high quality wood, our signature Wall Flags have been carefully designed for style and functionality. From simple engravings and coin holders to literal flags made from 21-gauge shotgun shells, this collection has something for everyone. Our guys and gals in uniform have accepted a mission like none other. Every single day, brave men and women like you rise, ready to fight for our nation’s freedom. And whether that fight takes place on land, in the sea, or in the clouds and beyond matters not. You guys get it done. That’s why we here at Medals of America proudly offer these amazing wall flags. Because you deserve it. We know how hard it is to find room décor that speaks to your service and pride without becoming trite and cheesy. You simply won’t find a better selection of unique, beautifully crafted wall art anywhere else. Our mission is to tell stories…your story, by doing what we do best. We take this very seriously, because we are you. We wore the uniform. We know the life. We get it. So to our warriors out there…’MERICA, right back at ya’. Browse the Wall Flag collection today.

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