Sword Cases


Like swords? Yeah, we do too. But when swords and military history combine, we absolutely fall in love! See, in heraldry there’s all sorts of hidden meanings. Things like upturned sabers meaning conflict while pointing down references peace. Discovering those meanings is half the fun. That’s why Medals of America is so proud to announce our sword display case collection. These unique, wonderfully crafted pieces are perfect additions to any room. Whether it’s for the office, the living room, or everything in-between, our Sword Cases are an eye-catching accent you’ll love to show off. Constructed from beautifully polished wood, our sword display cases compliment a variety of colors and patterns. In fact, each and every one are fully customizable. Choose your own image or personalize your message with our stylish engraving service for even greater impact. Every single day, men and women like you wake up and get it done for duty, honor and country. That’s why we put so much energy into ensuring the quality of these amazing sword display cases. Each one has been veteran tested and approved. Because you deserve it. We know how hard the life can be, because we are you. We wore the uniform too. Our mission is to tell stories…your story, in the very best way we can. We strive to reflect the same respect, dedication, and excellence that marked your career. Because your service matters and deserves respect. So to our warriors out there, we’ve got your six. Browse the Sword Case collection and find your perfect match today! You’ll be glad you did.

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