Bottle Opener Coins


If you’ve ever been caught without a bottle opener when you really need one, you’ll understand why bottle opener coins from Medals of America are such a treasure. Not only do these challenge coins double as openers, but they’re also a way to commemorate your service the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or Coast Guard. You’ll appreciate them so much that you’ll always have one in your pocket, ready to go. Bottle opener coins are reminders of where, when and why you’ve served. You can pocket a U.S. Bill of Rights Coin, and Air Force Dog Tag Coin, or a Taliban Hunt Club Coin, among others. Each coin is carefully designed and crafted to look good for years to come. Craftsmanship is important at Medals of America. The owners, who are themselves veterans, understand what high quality means to men and women who have served in the armed forces. Even though the care that goes into making bottle opener coins is not a matter of life and death, the lessons learned when quality is that crucial remain front and center. Every time you use your bottle opener coin, you’ll be reminded of the men and women who served with you and the friendships you built with the people who always had your back. You’ll be reminded of why you are the person you are today. So pop a top and have a toast to everyone who has served. Make your choice from among Medals of America’s bottle opener coins today.

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