Korea Coins


In the 1950’s, the division and growing tensions between a split Korea created an international concern that tested major philosophies of government. Korean War Coins commemorate the dedicated and highly-flexible personnel who responded to the call of the United States and the United Nations who responded to an invasion of South Korea by North Korean coalition forces. Like many conflicts involving coalition forces abroad, Korea Coins show unique missions and new units created to answer specific calls on the Korean Peninsula. Some Korea Coins also commemorate the first air-to-air confrontations between jets in history, beginning a new era in air domination. For some time, the Korean War was known as “The Forgotten War” or “The Unknown War” because of a lack of public press. Recent efforts to honor veterans of the war can be found in the coin collection, allowing descendants of heroes and future veterans a chance to remember the past and honor those who served with distinction. Korea Coins also depict a hope for the future. The peace of a unified Korea and the response that sought to defend citizens from invasion can be found on some coin faces, with the only division being a 38th Parallel that can hopefully erase itself in peace.

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