Vietnam Decals

The Vietnam War was fought by many brave men and women in South Vietnam for what felt like a life time. Within that time frame, many units, divisions, and brigades were created to handle the large number of troops the U.S. sent to South Vietnam to fight the clutches of communism. Those units, divisions, and brigades may not be active today, but that doesn’t make them irrelevant! To you, that was your family, your brothers in arms, your support system, and your battle buddies. Your family in MAC-V fought, celebrated, and cried with you. We offer many Vietnam-specific units, brigades, and divisions that look like the patch you wore on your combat uniform. Memorialize your unit, service, or location when you were deployed to South Vietnam with a Vietnam decal from Medals of America. The Vietnam decals are designed and printed in house here in South Carolina and delivered straight to your door. Our Vietnam decals come in many shapes, designs, colors, and sizes. Choose from your unit patch in decal form, or a nice 22” wide decal for the back window in your truck that has your branch of service, the three Vietnam service ribbons, and your veteran status.

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