Seat Belt Covers

You won't have any trouble remembering to buckle up for safety with one of Medal of America's seat belt covers honoring the people who have served the armed forces of the United States of America. The seat belt covers will fit in the cabins of any make you can buy. On top of their patriotic designs, the covers make wearing the seatbelt more comfortable, so they make a fantastic present for a service member or yourself. When it comes time to pick out a gift for your family or friend in the military, all you need to know is their unit to search through the broad selection of seat belt covers for the various divisions within the service. You will find the iconic 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army that has served from the D-Day landing at Normandy in World War II, to the fight against Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other forces of evil in the Global War on Terror. Units without such a high profile, but no less important to the preservation of peace are featured, like the 501st who conducts reconnaissance and analysis of entire theaters of war, or the 218th National Guard brigade whose men and women serve their communities and their country. Browse our Seatbelt Cover collection today.

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