Marine Corps Security Guard Mini-Ribbon

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Instituted: 1997 (retroactive to 1949) Criteria: Successful completion of 24 months of cumulative security guard duty service at a foreign service establishment. Devices: Bronze, Silver Star The Marine Security Guard Ribbon was established in 1997 and made retroactive to January 28, 1949, the date the first Marine Security Guards departed for overseas assignments. The ribbon is awarded to Marines assigned to Marine Security Guard duty (MOS 8151), who have successfully completed 24 months service at a foreign service establishment. Marines who served successful tours at a lettered company headquarters within MSGBn are also eligible to receive the ribbon upon completion of 24 months service. The ribbon is medium blue with a narrow red center stripe bordered by bands of white. The Marine Security Guard Ribbon is worn after the Marine Corps Drill Instructor Ribbon and before the Armed Forces Reserve Medal. Additional awards are denoted by three-sixteenth inch bronze and silver stars.
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