Marine Corps Combat Knife Challenge Coin

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  • Measures: 4” x 1”
  • Officially Licensed
  • Nice 3D minting
  • Great for your collection
  • Limited Offering

The Marine Corps Combat Knife Challenge Coin is an officially licensed challenge coin of the United States Marine Corps. Military Challenge Coins are one of the easiest ways to honor your service or someone else’s service and achievements. There is a whole culture around earning and collecting these coins. This is a unique shaped coin because it is shaped like a combat knife. Has the letters “USMC” to represent the United States Marine Corps on the blade and has the USMC seal on the handle of the knife. Measures 4 inches by 1 inch and has a nice 3D minting make. The Marine Corps Combat Knife Challenge Coin would be a great addition to any coin collection. Either during the holiday season, military holidays like Veterans Day, or any time of the year would be a memorable gift for any veteran.

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