Marine Corps Drill Instructor Mini-Ribbon

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Marine Corps Drill Instructor Mini-Ribbon
Instituted: 1997 (retroactive to 1952) Criteria: Successful completion of a tour of duty as a drill instructor (staff billets require completion of 18 months to be eligible). Devices: Bronze, Silver Star The Marine Corps Drill Instructor Ribbon was established in 1997 (retroactive to October 6, 1952) and is awarded to Marines who serve successfully in a drill instructor assignment. An assignment is defined as a tour of a minimum of 20 months for those who received their 8511 MOS before December 1996 or 30 months thereafter. The ribbon is also awarded to Marines who have successfully completed assignments of at least 18 cumulative months in the following billets: Recruit Training Battalion • Commanding Officer • Executive Officer • S-3 Officer • Sergeant Major Recruit Training Company • Commanding Officer (Less Headquarters Company) • Executive Officer • First Sergeant • Series Commander Officer Candidate Company • Commanding Officer • Executive Officer - First Sergeant • Company Gunnery Sergeant • Platoon Commanders
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