Honoring Our Fallen T-Shirt

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  • New 2022 Limited Memorial Day T-shirt
  • Front Left Chest and Back Print
  • Printed on Black 100% Cotton
  • Exclusive MOA Design
  • Premium Mid-Weight Shirt

We wanted to honor our fallen by creating a vintage style tin sign you could wear. Sort of a style like the old Saturday Evening Post. The sombering image of Arlington National Cemetery with the rolling green field and the blue sky behind the flag gives a sense of peace for our resting heroes on a spring May day. The left chest features a simple graphic of a folded flag, a symbol of remembrance and sacrifice. 

The MOA T-shirt Collection offers some of the finest and most premium military and patriotic designs you will ever find. Honor your service and America by showing off your proud T-shirt design. All of our shirts are printed here in the U.S.A.

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