Concealed Carry

Conceal carry gear is about more than just a few extra pockets. They need to be efficient, agile, comfortable, and able to promote safety and security without compromise. Our selection of concealed carry gear delivers form, function, and comfort. There’s no need to rough it if you don’t have to, and having a comfortable posture allows your mind to focus on other important tasks at hand. From shirts, to vests, bags, and even day planners—who says conceal carry gear is limited to clothing? Not us! We have multiple conceal carry products and designs, ranging from low profile and darker shirts to camouflage patterns that either blend in or act as a service solidarity statement—both with payoff in the right setting. Concealed carry holster shirts, vests, handgun cases, and bags are available to give you a versatile selection of personal security while staying in the fair grounds of concealed carry laws. Be sure to review your state’s concealed carry law—both to abide by the rules and negotiate for better rules—as you look through our selection. Take a look at our concealed carry selection, and be sure to consider a few tactical, military service, and patriotic honor selections to go with them.

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